LIVING DESIGNS,INC. is comprised of a team of knowledgeable professionals who excel in their specialized fields.  As landscape designers, located in New Canaan, we begin with a vision and together we combine the essential elements and effective design techniques that will aesthetically complement a home's special and unique architectural features.  We exercise full control and are accountable for all aspects of our projects ... from inception to final completion. We develop creative and distinctive landscape environments throughout FAIRFIELD COUNTY and take great pride in our designs with consideration given to proper growing conditions, environmental awareness and attention to detail.  Each project is tailored to our clients personal taste and requests. We would love to share the scope of our accomplishments with you by extending an invitation to visit our photo gallery. 


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Welcoming  Appproch To Front Entry
A Border Beach Bed exposed to full sun and wind using a subdued color palette. When the Daylilies bloom they add a dramatic statement
Low Maintenance.....display of refreshing colors in late summer embraces the Five Mile River to Long Island Sound
A mixed palette of delicate with bold, soft, soothing colors attracts attention, Butterflies, Hummingbirds .... a timeless treasure to enjoy.

       THE  GARDEN

      To Pool, Spa and
      Long Island Sound
Pool Reno by Haggerty